Your Business Introduction

The Road to Success has many twists and turns. When you start on the networking journey, it’s important to know that your mode of transportation is in good working order. Start your trip with confidence! 

The introduction you make when meeting new Business contacts is a key ingredient to a smooth journey to success. Whether you’re introducing yourself in a one on one meeting or in a group setting such as a networking event, take the time to set the right foundations.

First impressions count.

Think of the last time you attended a business event where everyone had a brief opportunity to make that all important first impression. How many did you remember? How many were punchy, prepared and had a clear call to action? How many made you take notice, wanting to know more?

Most importantly, how many people were impressed with what you had to say?

Do you have a clear and concise business introduction that leaves people wanting to know more or to respond the way you want them to? This is a key ingredient to starting you on the road to success.

Here are 10 steps to creating the perfect, memorable and polished ‘Business Introduction’.

1.    Define your target audience Who is it you want to attract? Is it a particular field such as doctors, a certain financial bracket or location? It might be more general. You may be promoting an event. Whatever the audience you want to speak to, define it. No matter what business you’re in, EVERYONE is not the correct answer here. 

2.    Spend the time to make a lisof all your key accomplishments. Concentrate on the benefits people have experienced when working with you or hiring your company. Be specific. Did you help someone improve their bottom line with your service? How much? Did you provide an incredible service that avoided disaster? Remind yourself of all the many things you’ve done. It’s a great boost! You might find that your creativity also takes a jump and you decide to enhance your product or service.

Once you’ve created a list, narrow it down to the top 3.

3.    Know and define your purpose – Be concise. Avoid being vague. Write it down, keeping it to two sentences. Once you’re finished, read it aloud as if someone is saying it to you. If your response is “So what?” or “What does that have to do with me?”, rewrite it until your response is “Wow! Tell me more!”.

4.    Hook your listener – Be authentic. Always keep in mind the Who, What, Where, When and Why. Stay away from acronyms and jargon. Those who are not in your industry will turn off quickly.

5.    Have a clear Call to Action (CTA) – How do you want people to engage with you? Are you collecting business cards? Do you want them to book a spot at an event? Are you offering a free consultation or other free service? When do they need to respond by?

6.    Write out your speech – Remember, this is the start of a conversation. If you have a certain amount of time to deliver, time it. When you have finished and feel you have the end product, ask yourself these questions:
– Are you able to make your introduction in 30 seconds or less?
– Do you leave a positive, lasting impression?
 Do you create a compelling reason for someone to ask for more?
– Are you confident?

7.     PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Memorize it so it flows right off the tip of your tongue.

8.    Notice the response you get – Make revisions accordingly. If you see eyes glazing over, change it! If you get no response, change it! If you receive the response you want, stick to it!

9.    Be adaptable – Your purpose won’t change but the situation will. Your offer might be different, but who you are and what you do will remain the same.

10. Follow up within 48 hours – This is essential. Prepare your follow up in advance. If it will be by email, create a template. If it’s by phone, create a script that you follow each and every time. Remember, it takes seven (7) touches to get a sale.

Be prepared to go the distance.

Having a solid and well rehearsed introduction is an essential tool to making your road to success a smooth ride from the start. Get started now!

To Your Continued Success!