7 Cool Business Twitter Tips

@wmbukWe at Women Mean Business Ltd are fairly new to Twitter, and so of course we’ve been researching and reading some tips so that we can make the most of it!

Do you use Twitter for business?

If so here are 7 cool Twitter tips for Your Business that we have gathered, to make sure you maximise your Twitter profile and successfully turn tweets into clients… Continue reading


What’s the Point of Networking?

What’s the Point of Networking?

Exmouth Network If you’re new to networking you could make the mistake of thinking that it’s all about who can collect and dish out the most business cards. Or how much you can ‘sell’ at each meeting or how many new clients you can win.
Obviously you want to grow your list and build your contacts, and ultimately, the point of networking is to win more business. BUT. It’s your attitude to the networking process that can mean the difference between making great business connections or wasting your time! Our W.M.B. of networking will advise you on the best networking attitude…

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What Do I Need to Start a Business?

leadershipStarting your own business is an increasingly popular alternative to braving an unpredictable job market, but it can seem daunting at first. For the most part, though, the answer to “what do I need to start a business” can be broken down into three things: an idea, some capital, and premises to carry out your work. Our guest blogger, Saija Mahon, is the founder of Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd, an international digital media agency. Read on to hear her top advice about where to begin… Continue reading

Generating Trust

trustThe internet world is an anonymous one, which has created the perfect hidey hole for thieves and hoaxers.

Scare stories of people who have lost their money through hoax websites circulate the media; hence online customers are now much more cautious when making online purchases (unless it’s a major brand name that they immediately recognise).

People will happily purchase from brand names because they TRUST them. These companies have built up a reputation and customers know they’re genuine.

So if you’re starting up a new business, you need to create a feeling of trust as quickly as possible, and convince your customers that you’re genuine. And here are three ways of doing it… Continue reading

Make Social Media your Friend! Part 4 – Social faux pas to avoid!

social media mishapWhat a good girl scout you are! You have a social media marketing strategy, you have been creative with your Facebook posts and your Tweets! Great!

But… uh oh you’re not on great form today – you’re feeling tired / rushed / negative / complacent / revengeful – It’s time to STEP.AWAY.FROM.THE.MACHINE.

And here’s why: Read on to find out about our top Social Media faux pas! Continue reading

Make Social Media your Friend! Part 3 – Top Tweets

twitterOK, so hopefully you’ve read our other Social Media articles and you have a good social media marketing plan in place. So, now we’re going to look at another very popular Social Network; Twitter.

Twitter is great for its simplicity, and due to its 140 character limit is not at all time consuming. What you are going to learn is how to make the most of these 140 characters. Remember that by now you should have a social-media marketing strategy, one that encompasses your business’ personality and that of your target market. You should have some idea about your target audiences’ interests and what they might enjoy reading about. The trick is to squeeze all of this in to a Tweet! If you can think about a Tweet in terms of sets or blocks of characters that you can allocate to different things, you will optimise the amount of information you can share with your target audience.

Being mindful of these factors, read on for our top 10 tips about how to spread your marketing message in the most concise, engaging and interesting way possible, and turn your followers into fans! Continue reading

Make Social Media your Friend! Part 2 – Quality Posts

facebookOK, so you have a good social media marketing plan in place. (If you haven’t, it’s really important so read Part 1 of our social media articles now!)

What’s next? Having a good plan isn’t all you need. You now need to be able to disseminate your marketing message in the most concise, engaging and interesting way possible, so that your followers and friends also become fans!

Here is our guide to using one of the main social media sites: Facebook

(next week we will be posting a guide to Twitter too) Continue reading

Make Social Media your Friend! Part 1 – Plan

like us friendWhether you’re starting out in business or not, it’s time you got to grips with social-media. Social-media is a collective name given to websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ etc that are usually regarded as a personal and social conduit, but can also be an hugely effective tool for businesses to reach both existing and potential customers for free!

However, because these websites are increasingly being used as a business marketing platform, customers are becoming savvier and are no longer bowled over by the novelty of social-media business advertising. You’ve got to get to grips with how to tweet, post and pin effectively or run the risk of turning your customers off… for good!

This article forms PART 1 of 4 articles about making these websites work for you!

Read on to get to grips with your Social-Media Marketing Strategy and PLAN! Continue reading

I Have a Business Idea – Now What?!

If you are like me you are having business ideas all the time. I guess that is why I am called a ‘serial entrepreneur’. But ideaexperience has taught me how to recognise the difference between a genuine business idea and one that could cost you a lot of time and money for little financial return or enjoyment.

You may have business ideas all the time, but how do you know which is THE ONE? Is your idea really a business or is it just a hobby, or even worse a time-consuming waste of effort with no potential profit? Continue reading

Small changes in your business attitude can increase sales!

salesIs your business struggling? Sales figures dwindling? If you’re feeling frustrated then maybe it’s time to get back to basics – making small changes and facing your customers with a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference:

1.  Be flexible.

It’s tough out there. The market is increasingly more competitive and saturated. The way we do business and the ways we reach our customers are changing rapidly:  multimedia, social media, Apps and more. These changes are coming at an exponential rate too, so it’s important to keep up with the trends and be flexible. What are your competitors doing? What ideas can you use and adapt to suit your business? The sales and marketing strategies you used last year or the year before may be suddenly out-dated, so be ready to embrace changes and go with the flow.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”
John Kabat-Zinn Continue reading