About the Founder

Sue Searle founded Women Mean Business because she is passionate about helping women to live amazing happy, healthy and wealthy lives through sharing her experiences and knowledge.

Sue is an entrepreneur, property and commodities investor, motivational speaker and coach. Her mission on earth is to help as many women as possible to become financially free, and to live the life they deserve which is full of health, wealth and happiness!

She worked for 15 years as a nurse, worked in offices for a while and then did a degree in Biological Sciences graduating when she was 43 and a Postgraduate Diploma in ecology and conservation graduating at the age of 45 when she set up her first business Acorn Ecology Ltd in 2003 which is still thriving.

Sue says “I spent years rearing my children, (now in their 20s,) and I was definitely a ‘suburban housewife and mother’. So what changed? Firstly I got divorced! My husband was a very  nice man but our values were almost polar opposites and after 27 years I decided to call it a day. Secondly I got a business and life coach.

Since then I have doubled my businsess, started several other small businesses, travelled the world, become wealthy, found love and adoration, have become healthier and fitter than ever before, have happy healthy children living amazing lives, and I am VERY happy!”

“Over the last few years I have travelled on an exciting voyage of self-discovery and empowerment, learning new skills and techniques from the best coaches and mentors in the world such as Anthony Robbins, T Harv Ecker and Bob Proctor, as well as many, many other wonderful people. ”

“I don’t want to keep this stuff to myself so I have started this organisation to help empower women to move forward to living happy, healthy and wealthy lives!!  We all deserve to live confidently, living the life of our dreams and surrounded by peace and love. I look forward to working with you and inspiring you!”



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