The Art of Self-Motivation


Self-Motivation is a skill. It doesn’t come for free.

It’s something that you have to learn. And learn it you must; because motivation is the key to bouncing out of bed each morning, with happiness and a spring in your step, excited about the day ahead.

It’s what gives you the passion and drive to overcome obstacles to get things done, to achieve your goals, to live your dreams.

Some people may seem ‘naturally motivated’ – but don’t be fooled! These people are working hard from day to day to keep a positive mindset and they are practised at it, whether they realise it or not. They are striving to be and stay happy, and they keep their goals in their minds.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”Aristotle

How do you know if you need a bit more self-motivation? Continue reading


How to enjoy your work

enjoy workWe women strive to have it all. A happy family, a great relationship with a dream partner, financial freedom, a lovely home, to look and feel amazing, ‘me time’, and an inspiring and rewarding job or business. And why on earth should we not?! The problem can sometimes be that we’re trying to do too much without pausing to enjoy or reflect on the now. We can put so much pressure on ourselves to live a perfect life that often we’re too busy putting on a good show of perfection, instead of using this valuable energy to make real life changes.

Remember that for many of us, work takes up a massive portion of our life – and for women it can mean time off from the home and the children (if you have them) and it is a chance for us to be both inspired and inspiring. If you don’t enjoy your work or your business then it can throw your life massively out of kilter, so it is important to get it right. You may have enjoyed your work in the past, but remember you are a growing and evolving personality and you need a job or business that can evolve with you. Continue reading

Be a Great Manager – part 2

great manager 2Here is the second intalment of our tips to becoming a great manager..

7. Choose calm

Remember you have a choice about the kind of person you are going to be, by learning to control your actions. For example, if you tend to have a fiery temper or short-fused disposition then you need to work on your reactions to certain situations. Practice the old ‘take a deep breath and count to ten’ technique when something or someone angers you. You must rise above your anger (whilst still allowing yourself to be angry), and be the bigger person. This is very difficult to do at first, especially if you are in the habit of ‘flying off the handle’.

As a manager it is vital that you stay in control and give a measured response, as opposed to reacting from a place of anger. However, don’t think that as the manager you must have your response ready the instant that things go wrong… you are only human! Continue reading

Be a Great Manager – part 1

great manager‘Management’ is organising and supervising people to get things done. Great management means putting your people first. A business whose employees feel valued and respected will find its effectiveness and efficiency massively improved.

How to do it? Here is the first instalment of our top tips to being a Great Manager! Continue reading

Taking Personal Responsibility

responsibilityDo you ever feel a victim? Worried about who might be lurking in a dark corner to get you or is someone making you feel bad?  Turn the mirror on yourself, this is your issue, not anything outside of yourself (except if you are in a war zone or a really dangerous situation). It is so easy to become a victim of yourself, the scary world out there is your perception of the world, and this perception is not necessarily shared by everyone else. The most dangerous and destructive person in your life is potentially YOU! (well  more precisely your subconscious mind).

Your future is not determined by what happens to you but is determined by what you do about what happens. Continue reading

How To Give Yourself More Time

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a few extra hours in the day to get everything done? Including stuff we enjoy doing! If we are worried we get stressed and eventually we get ill or life becomes dull.

Here are some tips for getting some more time:

1. Reset your alarm 5 minutes earlier each day and after a fortnight you will be waking up an hour earlier! The early morning is a great quiet time to focus and get things done. Continue reading

Being Your Own Boss – How Do You Manage Yourself?

Working for yourself is a dream come true for most people. There’s no boss and you can do it your own way. But the truth is that there is a boss, and it just might be the worst boss you’ve ever worked for – yourself! Are you going to be an organized and merciful manager or a total pain to be around? That’s the question that determines whether your work-at-home career becomes a dream or a nightmare. Continue reading