Stephanie Walshe – Star Planners Astrology

Name: Stephanie Walshe

Business name: Star Planners Astrology

Headline: Celebrate your uniqueness in every aspect of your life with the aid of Star Planners Astrology. Embrace the power of an ancient science into your everyday modern life with stunning results based on clear, pragmatic and practical advice. No WooWoo, no Mumbo Jumbo and no Astro-Speak!

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Phone:07977 442267


What my business does: My astrology business has been built on my own experience as a mum wanting to find out more about my children, in particular my four year old son who I felt at the time was a little alien on earth! That was 16 years ago and he is now the most loving son a Mother could ever wish for but it wasn’t always like that.

Astrology taught me that we each have unique needs, talents and natures and these are heavily influenced by planetary placement at the time of birth and the elements attached to each zodiac sign.

Bearing in mind that my whole business life (35 years+) has been involved in Strategic Marketing, this gives you a flavour of my practical and pragmatic approach to astrology which I have studied alongside my businesses since 1998.

If we open our minds to the rhythm of life and accept that the Moon affects the tides, the Sun affects the agricultural cycles and that we have a heart beat and a pulse, then embracing our astrological energies is not only natural but a wholly appropriate thing to do.

Imagine clarity, understanding, appreciation and recognition of what really makes you tick. Then imagine using this incredible new found knowledge in a way which will truly nourish your wellbeing on every level – mind, body and soul – leading to greatly increased self knowledge, harmony and a fuller understanding of your natural abilities for personal and career progression, including those important personal and business relationships. Well, imagine no longer!

Let me help you tap into your natural energies in a safe and caring way, using my knowledge and integrity, to help you make significant and sometimes profound changes to the way you lead your life and to your confidence levels.

Target Market: Star Planners Astrology is for those who have a real interest in increasing their self knowledge considerably. I work with a great many women who are eager to boost their career and finances, improve their personal and business relationships and increase their wellbeing.

Mission and Vision: My mission is to make the incredible benefits of astrology accessible to everyone in a seamless and easy to understand way with integrity and care. My vision is to influence peoples’ perceptions of this ancient science in a positive and modern way for use in the 21st century.

My Unique Skills: I love helping people, especially women, live the best life possible – understanding the energies within and bringing those unique abilities out to the big wide world. I am a very effective communicator, translating ancient wisdom into modern, everyday language with accuracy, vitality and humour. I know what is needed to be successful in business combined with the softer feminine energies needed for family life – the Yin and the Yang. I facilitate positive progress in individuals and have helped switch on many light bulbs for people along the way!

A bit about myself: I have held a number of senior posts in corporate organisations including Smith & Nephew and Max Factor Cosmetics. I was a Marketing Consultant for the DTI and for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

I have owned and run my own international Marketing Consultancies and business enterprises and have been a Director and Non Executive Director of a variety of businesses in Surrey, London and Devon, having moved to Devon in 1999 on the day of the Solar Eclipse.

For the past 16 years my knowledge and work with astrology has been growing to a point where I have recently taken the decision to focus 100% of my time on this fascinating and remarkably accurate ancient science.

I started using my style of astrology in 1998 as a parental aid producing bespoke books called Child Star Planners and have helped a significant number of parents around the world with some amazing results. This was extended to adults a few years later and has now developed into 1:2:1 Personal and Career Progression Sessions and group events.

I am very aware of how astrology can make a huge difference to those who embrace it in their everyday lives and I am constantly reminded of this when I receive such wonderful testimonials after my 1:2:1 sessions. “Thank you so much, it was an absolute delight to spend time in your company and to hear the insights you are gifted to share. It was a profound experience in a very grounded way.” SA April 2015. Experience the difference I can make to your life.