7 Cool Business Twitter Tips

@wmbukWe at Women Mean Business Ltd are fairly new to Twitter, and so of course we’ve been researching and reading some tips so that we can make the most of it!

Do you use Twitter for business?

If so here are 7 cool Twitter tips for Your Business that we have gathered, to make sure you maximise your Twitter profile and successfully turn tweets into clients…

1. Follow Industry Leaders and Authority Figures in your business niche
A proven way to gather meaningful Twitter followers within your target market is to follow the big, established and well-known names in your business niche – usually those people have a lot of followers themselves. Begin by following them and then take a sneak peak at their followers – because a lot of them could become your clients in the future!

2. Quality Tweet

To keep your target market interested, you need to post quality tweets that somehow add value to your follower’s day. Bare in mind though that you shouldn’t post too often, or you could get on your followers’ nerves! So post once a day, or at most, every few hours. Contribute helpful information that will interest your followers, and make relevant and valuable information the cornerstone of your Twitter profile.

3. Mix it up
Keep your tweets varied and interesting by mixing your tweet format – by posting colourful, relevant and helpful photos and videos to your profile you will engage followers and glean trust from prospective clients. Twitter now have an app called Vine which lets you publish a short looping video of up to 6 seconds. It’s a great way of adding fresh, creative content to your Twitter profile!

4. Search keywords
Use the keywords that best describe your business in your tweets as it helps people using the ‘search’ function to find them, meaning more potential traffic that you can monetise.

5. Duplicate…. and duplicate again!
Twitter has millions of people posting every single day, so your tweets will often get missed. For this reason, make sure that you post your best content multiple times.

6. Thanks
Whenever you get a new follower, respond as quickly as you can via the @reply button. Keep it simple: a quick hello and a question or  link to some helpful advice can start-up a conversation with a prospective client and make a more meaningful connection. Automated responses are OK but

7. Avoid “Get Followers” Services
There are many people out there who will promise to get you hundreds or even thousands of followers in a matter of hours, but generally speaking, they’re useless. You’ll just end up with lots of  ‘low value’ followers that are way outside your target market and uninterested in your products and services. Instead, get followers the real way, by engaging with them, and concentrate on quality posts that provide value for your followers.

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