Generating Trust

trustThe internet world is an anonymous one, which has created the perfect hidey hole for thieves and hoaxers.

Scare stories of people who have lost their money through hoax websites circulate the media; hence online customers are now much more cautious when making online purchases (unless it’s a major brand name that they immediately recognise).

People will happily purchase from brand names because they TRUST them. These companies have built up a reputation and customers know they’re genuine.

So if you’re starting up a new business, you need to create a feeling of trust as quickly as possible, and convince your customers that you’re genuine. And here are three ways of doing it…

 1.Include your back-story

Let’s say that you’re selling a weight-loss solution, for example, because it’s something that you’ve struggled with in the past and now know how to achieve great results. If that’s the case, let the reader know your story. Build a relationship and tell them that you understand just how they feel. You were once suffering just like they are now, but you found the solution. Building a relationship like this helps to engender trust, which will have a huge bearing on whether someone buys from you or not.

2.Include case studies

If you’re claiming to be able to do something for someone, they want to see proof that you can do it. The best of way of providing this proof and generating a sense of trust is to include a few of your best case studies on your website. If you’re an SEO consultant, for instance, you could add a page to your website which shows some of your previous results. This will allow the customer to see your work, which will make them much more likely to employ you.

3. Add testimonials

As with case studies, testimonials add the crucial element of social proof. Potential customers want peace of mind before they purchase anything. They want to be sure that you can do the job properly, and testimonials can help provide this. We would advise video testimonials, which are the most powerful and credible testimonials you can have.

So when you come to setting up your own website, be sure to include these 3 key elements if you can, because if you do, you’ll find that a lot more people will order from you.