Make Social Media your Friend! Part 4 – Social faux pas to avoid!

social media mishapWhat a good girl scout you are! You have a social media marketing strategy, you have been creative with your Facebook posts and your Tweets! Great!

But… uh oh you’re not on great form today – you’re feeling tired / rushed / negative / complacent / revengeful – It’s time to STEP.AWAY.FROM.THE.MACHINE.

And here’s why: Read on to find out about our top Social Media faux pas!

Being Boring

Don’t just go on and on about your own products and services – we all get turned off by people who only talk about themselves – it’s the same with Social Media. Your customers will quickly get bored if you never address their needs, make them smile or teach them something new. So make sure you stay connected with your customers by actually communicating with them, and establish a sense of ‘social network community’ by striking up conversational messages with your friends and followers. Also you should try to share or retweet any relevant posts or tweets by your friends and followers, or anything that you think that your customers will find interesting.

Being Insensitive

Unless you are going to be really sympathetic then it is important to avoid commenting on powerful news items and current affairs. Never ever write offensive remarks about sensitive topics, as you will massively harm your company’s reputation. You’d think this was obvious wouldn’t you? It happens more than you think, read this newspaper article about yet another Twitter apology:

Just not good form!

Being Controversial

If you want to drive your customers away and make them dislike your brand then why not post or tweet controversial political remarks?! If you wish to open up a debate, that’s up to you – but remember that debate will always divide your community so you have to try to stay neutral if you can. Always avoid topics that will stir strong feelings e.g. religion, health, sexuality, war, amongst others!

Being Unprofessional

Remember that although social media is a forum for you to let your business personality shine through, you should always remain beyond reproach. By all means use chatty language and be friendly, but you should NEVER:

• Use swear words

• Say derogatory things about another person or business – especially not your competitors!

• Get in to arguments with anybody

Remember that your Facebook timeline or twitter feed is an extension of your business brand, so it should show that you care about your customers. If you receive a complaint from an irate customer then you should try to turn it around by being apologetic, honest and if possible humorous. If you’re unable to keep things courteous then at least send direct messages that are not seen by the World Wide Web!

So. Before you write anything on social media, ask yourself:

• Will this enhance my company’s reputation?

• Will this help my customers?

• Could this be misconstrued?

If you have a really good social media marketing idea then please share it with us – for the greater good! Good luck!


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