The Beginning of the World is Nigh

click counterThe ‘end of the Mayan calendar’ approaches on the 21st December, according to some. Hysteria ensues as those of us who love a good doomsday story are scaring little children and peddling our fears all over the internet. Well, really!

The ancient Mayan people had an incredible sense of the longevity and vastness of time, demonstrated by their calendar which spans time periods of trillions and trillions of years. Despite this however, they believed that the Earth was created just over 5 thousand years ago. We now know the Earth to be much older. So although these ancient people were wrong about the date of Earth’s Creation to the magnitude of 4.54 billion years, why are some of us willing to believe that they could be able to predict the Earths demise with pinpoint accuracy? To the actual day?!

There are some amusing predictions of how the world will actually end – some people are saying that all of the planets in our solar system shall align; damaging our sun and causing huge tides and earthquakes that smite us all (FYI the planets fall into alignment fairly regularly.. a couple of times a century at least, and each time, we manage to survive it. They shall not be in ‘alignment’ this year, not even this decade, and even when they are the effect upon Earth’s tides shall be so negligible as to be ignored – remember how far apart the planets are!). Another theory is that the cosmos shall pitch the fictional planet ‘Nibiru’ at us in a galactic game of marbles (if there really were a giant planet or meteor heading our way, we would have spotted it years ago – remember we can see all the way to Pluto which would take us a minimum of 10 years to reach. And just in case we missed Nibiru because we were too busy watching The X-factor, there’s still Bruce Willis to save us).

Actually the Maya made no prophesies of the end of the world at all. Their calendar was misinterpreted as coming to a stop on the 21st December 2012, but in fact this date just happens to be when the calendar starts a new phase. Imagine clicking a click counter (pictured) until you get to number 9999… just one more click will turn the counter back to 0000; the cycle refreshed and beginning again, ad infinitum. This is how the Mayan calendar worked. Each cycle of time was called a Bak’tun and lasted 394 years. The 21st December 2012 heralds the end of the 13th Bak’tun, and the beginning of the 14th.

A friend recently posted this image to my facebook page:

mayan calenar

YOU can CHOOSE what you wish to do with this information.

  1. You could simply carry on as you did before; ignore the apocalypse hype-mongers, go to work, make several panic purchases of Christmas presents for ‘just in case’ people you might have forgotten about, hide the chipped paintwork on the mantle with extra tinsel…
  2. You could believe that we’re all doomed, finally tell your mother-in-law  that she’s a ‘shiggling old groak’, then trot down to the cash-and-carry and fill your cupboard under the stairs with gallons of bottled water and various canned goods (rice pudding, coconut milk, peach halves???!), or
  3.  You could view this whole event as a renewal. A chance to begin. A time for peace, love and hope. To give that mother-in-law a hug, and to start to see the good in everybody.

Up until very recently I would most certainly put myself in the option 1 group of people, but I feel that now, especially in the light of such recent tragedies as the shootings at Sandy Hook in the news, I am more willing than ever for everybody in the world to go with option 3.

The upbeat and positive amongst us are celebrating a new era of cease fires, truth, love, peace, brotherhood, respect, cooperation and no more school massacres. Please please please. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody woke up tomorrow and decided to shelve their hatred and fear (and guns) for the next 394 years of the 14th Bak’tun?

In any event I am going to start small. To quote the late great Michael Jackson:

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror,
I’m asking him to change his ways,
and no message could have been any clearer;
if you wanna make the world a better place
take a look at yourself, and then make a change”

The world will not end on 21st December 2012, or we at women mean business shall eat a large selection of very charred hats.  Farewell, for now, as we confidently say Happy New Year 2013!


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