How To Give Yourself More Time

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a few extra hours in the day to get everything done? Including stuff we enjoy doing! If we are worried we get stressed and eventually we get ill or life becomes dull.

Here are some tips for getting some more time:

1. Reset your alarm 5 minutes earlier each day and after a fortnight you will be waking up an hour earlier! The early morning is a great quiet time to focus and get things done.

2. Plan your day, week, month in advance so you can make sure you get all your important activities done. Never start your day not knowing what you are going to do, prepare the day before so that you can get on with things straight away.

3. Focus on completing tasks so that you don’t end up with lots of ‘balls in the air’.

4. Keep lists – both short and long-term lists – and work through them and review them regularly. If there are regular weekly or daily activities then type them up and create your own tick list so you don’t have to keep writing it out.

5. For each thing on the list ask yourself – Is this really necessary? Could someone else do this? What would happen if I didn’t do this? Is there a shortcut? Does this really need to be done today? This helps you prioritise and de-clutter your lists. Then just work through them steadily.

6. Practice saying ‘no’ – other people have a habit of adding things to your list but only add them on if it is important to you.

7. Do a review of how you spend your time – how much time do you ‘waste’? Could you listen to a motivating book whilst driving? Make a social phone call whilst cooking? Do you spend endless hours chatting or watching TV when you have other more important things to do?

8. Don’t waste time being angry or resentful, concentrate on what you need to be doing and on keeping your mind positive. Enjoy every moment and the satisfaction of achieving your tasks.

9. Get plenty of sleep and make time for relaxation. You will work faster and smarter if you are well rested and relaxed.

10. Keep everything in the proper place and keep your filing up to date. It saves a lot of time if you know where everything is – keys, guarantees, bank details etc.


2 comments on “How To Give Yourself More Time

  1. Thanks for all the tips to getting the most out of our days because staying up late was always something I loved, but would regret the next day–no more of that, thanks to you:)) Have a great holiday with your family and friends:))

  2. These are all great tips! So often I think we get stuck in the trap of saying yes to everything. But really, for whatever we say yes to we are forced to say no to something else. I also like the idea of setting the alarm 5 minutes earlier each day. It’s amazing how your body can adjust and you won’t even notice the difference.

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