Why Women Make Good Entrepreneurs

Working for yourself is an excellent option for women of all ages because they thrive on the responsibility, the opportunity to be innovative, to help people and get rewarded well for their service.

Most of all working for yourself gives a women more flexibility with their time, more confidence, more of a sense of satisfaction and usually far more money than working for someone else!

Naturally gifted!

Women are naturally gifted with entrepreneurial skills – they are good at talking, negotiating, finding solutions, working with people, juggling tasks, multitasking, prioritising, helping people, and they care. These are all great attributes for a business owner, particularly in businesses that provide a service or deal directly with people. Modern businesses are much more about co-operation, customer service, building relationships, and empowering others. Women are particularly good at working in these areas and where women are starting to find themselves in boardrooms the businesses are softening and becoming more customer focussed rather than profit focussed (although profit is also essential!).

Women are also generally pretty astute in money matters and able to keep the purse strings under control.

Love people

Women love people, are good at communicating and co-operating. They are very in tune with people and pick up on emotions, body language, voice intonation – they are intuitive. It is important to have people skills as business owners or potential business owners, in particular those intuitive skills that women have that pick up when someone is unhappy, resisting change, uncertain or genuine. In business you are dealing with people all the time – your customers, your suppliers, your staff and your support team. When you communicate well you will get good results, motivate people, nurture lasting relationships and get people coming back for more!

Multi tasking

We all know that women have complex brains that have developed the ability to do lots of things at once – after all if we could only watch children nothing else would happen in a typical household. But we all know that a woman can talk on the phone whilst cooking or watch children whilst shopping etc. To be able to multi-task is an essential entrepreneurial skill that women already have. It is common to have many things going on at once in business life and being able to easily orchestrate these whilst still getting stuff done is what women excel at. After all, why is it that behind all successful man is a multitasking woman?! (secretaries, PAs, wives etc) And yet behind all successful women is a myriad of people all carrying out different roles, which she orchestrates very successfully!


Because women are ultimately designed to rear children and households (even though it is now possible to delegate some of that traditional female role these days), we are able to be flexible. If a woman had planned to do something but her child was ill then she would still be able to find a way to look after the child and still do, to a certain extent, what she originally intended to do. Things get done, she finds a way. Women are innovative, imaginative, pro-active and flexible. These are also extremely useful attributes for an entrepreneur.

Giving and receiving

Women are constantly giving to others, it is natural to them to be nurturing, caring and helpful. It therefore follows that they want to give in business. This makes them excellent at customer service, at solving people’s problems, and at finding new ways to do things in a way that people like. Women are much more likely to collaborate with others on business ventures and to help others who need guidance or advice. Generally speaking the more you give the more you will receive back. By giving freely without expecting in return (within reason) women often get more help and co-operation than a man with a more profit orientated focus on business.

A word of caution though ladies! Women are also more likely to be ‘taken for a ride’ and in some situations certain people will take all they can for free. It is up to you to value your time and your contribution and ask for them to pay for your efforts, your advice, and your time.

If you are interested in becoming more entrepreneurial, working for yourself or setting up a business please get in touch!

Women Mean Business!


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