What is investing and why should you do it?

To build wealth or at least some financial security into your old age when you may not be able to work any more you need to invest. Investing is not the same as saving.  This is particularly important for women who seem to get left behind for various reasons when it comes to investing and building wealth for old age (e.g. worked part time whilst rearing children, low pay etc)

Investing means putting your money into an appreciating asset.

If you have savings then that is excellent, but at the moment the interest rates are so low and inflation is higher, that your savings are in effect diminishing.  Ideally you should have enough savings to last you 6 months, in reality most people could only last 2 weeks! However,  if you do have savings you really should be investing in something that is appreciating.

If you haven’t read it already there is an excellent book that will literally change your life called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – get it and read it!!

The top investments in my opinion are property and gold/silver. Both of these investments are long-term but the returns are excellent. Property typically goes up by 100% every 10 years and gold and silver have gone up substantially more in recent years (silver 750% and gold 380%).  I would avoid volatile markets that can crash and are under the influence of governments and the like, such as the stock market and Forex (foreign exchange).

If property is a bit scary then start with gold or silver. Make sure you buy bullion bars or coins, jewellery and collectable coins are no good as they are not made of pure metal. You can invest as little as £50 per month and keep building your nest-egg.

Property is an excellent investment but also something that you should not attempt without some training or you could make a very expensive mistake! Appreciation is around 100% in ten years and in the meantime you also have a passive monthly income from renting.  With training you can also learn how to buy houses with no money down and infinite returns!

If you want to know more let me know – I am a property investor myself and make around £60k per year with a fairly moderate investment strategy using other people’s money.

Email me on suesearlelyc@gmail.com

Best wishes



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