Why should women look after themselves?

None of us really know what is going to happen next. All too often people, especially women, tend to expect others to look after them financially and emotionally. The problem with this is that by putting the responsibility on others you not only lose control of your own life, but you become vulnerable in the event of a catastrophe such as your partner walking out or dying.

Most of us know many people that have got to the end of their working lives, or their marriage and ended up destitute. This really is a very upsetting, stressful and horrible situation to find yourself in. And the thing is, it is totally avoidable – if you take responsibility for yourself.

It is very rewarding and empowering to take control of your own destiny, including your wealth, your health, your emotions and your spirit. Imagine feeling happy, healthy and wealthy and knowing that you reached that state yourself and no matter what happens you will live an amazing life!

Top tips for living your amazing life:

  • Know what your expenses are and work towards covering these through passive income.
  • Eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly (especially in nature), stay slim, don’t smoke, and get plenty of sleep
  • Take responsibility – whenever you hear yourself blaming others then you are not taking responsibility
  • Happiness comes from within you – learn to recognise that it is up to you to create happiness in your life
  • If you need to work then work for yourself – this is so rewarding and empowering

Watch out for more blogs and links that will help you move forward towards and empowered and happy life!

Best wishes



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