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I’m Sue Searle, founder of Women Mean Business Ltd. We run empowering events just for women, specialising in Business Networking,  Personal Development Workshops, and Business Training Courses.

We want to show you how capable you are of taking that first brilliant idea and to give you the confidence to develop it into a successful and profitable business. If you’re already in business we can help you achieve better results AND give less of your time!

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Our articles are designed to help all you lovely women out there get the most out of your life – and now you can download them, for FREE! Simply click here to receive your pdf copy, today!

Health, Wealth & Happiness: The three sections of this eBook each focus on three important life areas; Health (articles full of advice for a healthy lifestyle, appearance and positive self-image), Wealth (articles about setting up a new business, growing your existing business and why you should invest for your financial future) and Happiness (articles about enhancing your mind-set, attitude and spiritual growth). We want to help you to take a holistic view of your life, and by addressing all three of these life areas you will maximise your success!

We also write interesting and informative business blogs and articles that are designed to help all you lovely women out there get the most out of your business. Our articles squeeze in to the following categories:

How to Start a Business

How to Run your Business

How to Grow your Business

Financial Investing

Developing Yourself

I hope you enjoy the site.

Sue Searle, BSC, PGDip, RGN